Pier & Beam


This is where we shine, pier and beam repair is the majority of our workload.  Most foundation contractors focus on slab repair. Mostly because slab repair is very similar every time, its easy to train sales people and laborers to do the work. It usually doesn't require much thinking or skill on the employees part.  Pier and beam type however is a craft that requires experience, knowledge and engineering type skills, but to us it is an art.  Being able to recognizing the load and knowing how to support it, knowing how far a certain size beam or floor joist can span, what size footing and how many and on and on. It is almost never the same from job to job.  A carpenter or handy man can tear a floor out and replace it, but the tricky part is to tear out and replace under walls, cabinets, bath tubs and such with out them coming down, their for they usually just don't do that part.  The next tricky part is to do all that without the walls moving in other directions causing door jams to close in or spread apart or creating more damage such as cracks in the sheetrock.

  But of course you may not need all that.  Nevertheless if your house is out of level their is a reason, it may not have enough pads and blocks or beams, it may have decay due to moisture or insects, their are many  scenarios,  however  we will analyze  you're situation and devise a plan to resolve the problem.